The archipelago of Madeira is located 520 km from the African coast and 1000 km from the European continent. This magical piece of land was discovered back in 1418 and since first settlement the island and its habitants had a close relationship with the mountains. Back in 1500's explorers walked through the dense Laurissilva forest in order to discover all the special things that we today share globally. In the process, trails and levadas were hand-built for years, which provided an easier way to move around the island, connect villages and transport water. These centennial paths are still used today for multiple purposes and activities, where you can go back in time and imagine all the history that went through in building our community: the Pearl of the Atlantic. Find out more about Madeira.


Machico is our chosen headquarters. Although Funchal is Madeira's main city, Machico offers everything we need in terms of trails, hotels, airport distance, parking spots, cinema rooms - and its just a couple steps to the Atlantic Ocean; mountains and ocean all in one. To be honest, Madeira is filled with super magical locations to ride, North to South and East to West, but our experience always takes us back to the East side. The trails are more technical, shuttling is easier, there are more services (hotels, restaurants, etc.), and variety of terrain. Machico is not far from Funchal, Madeira’s most populous city and most local riders use the East side of the island for their daily rides. Since we first started to develop international enduro races in Madeira, Machico always helped us in all ways, ‘walking’ together with us the path of the unknown. Thank you Machico for believing in our dreams since day one. Go ahead and explore Machico. As part of the event, we will also go by trails in Funchal and Santa Cruz councils.