EWS Madeira: Recuperando o trilho de ‘Machico’

O processo de recuperar um trilho passa por muitas fases: entre caminhar pelo mato em busca dum percurso que se perdeu no tempo, a conseguir as autorizações necessárias, a imaginar […]

EWS Madeira: Análise Resultados Portugueses

Após a ressaca do Enduro World Series Madeira, que realizou-se no passado mês de Maio pela primeira vez em Portugal, resolvemos analisar a prestação dos atletas Portugueses em competição através […]

A warm welcome: EWS Madeira

If you traveled to Madeira from the 4th of May to 31st of May, you certainly came across a mountain bike expo about the riding in the island but also about […]

EWS Madeira Racebook: Online!

We’ve been working hard for the past year in making this a unique race for everyone and we’re proud to finally release the Course Map and Racebook for the Enduro […]

‘DEATHGRIP’ Premier: 10th May

We know you’ve been anxiously waiting to watch ‘DEATHGRIP’ featuring Brendan Fairclough, one of mountain biking’s biggest influencers. A World Cup racer at heart and by trade, Fairclough’s riding has taken […]

The Pope of Enduro is coming to Madeira

We all know that on the 13th May the Pope (the real one) is coming to Fátima, Portugal. What no one knows yet is that we’re proud to welcome the […]

Nine trails rebuilt for the EWS Madeira

The Freeride Madeira team in partnership with Clube Caniço Riders have been working on the Madeira mountain bike trail network for more than two months now. Its a long-term process […]

AKI sponsors EWS Madeira

Freeride Madeira and Clube Caniço Riders are constantly repairing Madeira’s vast mountain bike trail network but the Enduro World Series has been pushing the team to the edge. The rebuilt […]

Rising up from ashes: Madeira

A lot of heart, strength, passion and power of will, one tree at a time can make a big difference. Madeira suffered one of its biggest fires in August 2016 […]

Madeira Mountain Bike Film Festival 2017

Madeira has been on the spotlight of mountain biking video productions for a long time now but we always manage to find new locations and new exciting ways to tell […]