Trans Madeira: 26 nationalities registered

All trails lead to Trans Madeira 2018, a brand new event powered Clube Caniço Riders and Freeride Madeira, also organizers of the Enduro World Series Madeira 2017. After the success of the EWS, Madeira's potential is out there - you can't deny how great the riding his, the warm weather and blue skies almost all year round, the sea and the island lifestyle culture. Now imagine five days of racing, over 200 kilometers of riding, 25 special stages, covering the island from East to West in a bike camp adventure style - that doesn't sound bad at all.

The race is limited to 100 riders and we are close to reaching that magic number with less than one month of registration open. For now, there are 26 nationalities registered. United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland lead the top three, but also count with Brasil, France, Spain, Australia, USA, Canada, Portugal, Czech Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and more! For more information visit and join us from 5th to 9th June 2018!